Software translation services

When you need professional software translation, our team of talented specialists are here to help. We provide flawless software translations in a range of 120 languages, with some of the fastest delivery times in the industry.

Translating documents relating to in-house IT, technology, and software requires a range of expert skills, with an industry knowledge of both software and fluency in both relevant languages. Our software translation experts have the IT knowledge and the linguistic background to translate even the most complex code, documentation, and technical content, and at Kings of Translation, we have a portfolio of 120 languages available, so we are confident we can meet your needs.

Whether you need to expand the language options of your apps or software or transpose IT information with meticulous accuracy, we have the right expert available to help you.

With a global team of technical translation experts, we are available to accept your job at any time around the clock. For urgent projects, we offer a one-day project delivery service along with 24/7 support. And we provided the added value of competitive fees and flexible payment options.

Why use us for your IT & software translation needs?

Kings of Translation offers more than an unrivalled track record of excellence and extensive experience. When you call upon Kings of Translation for your IT & software translation needs, you will also benefit from:

  • Highest quality technical translations available in your choice of 120 languages.
  • Exceptional 24/7 client support.
  • Affordable prices with flexible pricing plans.
  • Niche industry experience and expertise.
  • Swift project delivery 

Our software translation & localization prices

At Kings of Translation, our top priorities are quality, professionalism, and excellent value. If you are looking for accurate authentic software translations with fast return times and affordable prices, contact us today. We would love to discuss your project!

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