Medical translation services

When you need specialist medical transpositions, our team of translation experts have the skills and experience to deliver a fast and professional result, with a range of 120 different languages available for your needs. Value guaranteed.

Medical documentation has its own specialist vocabulary and every word is essential to maintain the integrity of the content. Our medical translation team are experienced professionals who can interpret the meaning of the content, so they can make a comprehensive and accurate translation.

Health is our most valuable asset, so we are proud to support medical initiatives by translating health care recommendations, medical device instructions, product descriptions for medicines, marketing materials and technical documentation.

Our medical translators combine top-notch linguistic skills with professional medical knowledge, so you can be confident that the translation is a concise reflection of the original content.  They work fast and accurately to meet your requirements, and we are committed to providing the highest quality results for your project.


There are countless situations when medical translations are needed.

Medical customers translations of clinical trial results, therapeutic preparations and other pharmaceutical documents to register medicinal products in another country’s territory. Medical staff also need accurate translations of operating instructions for medical equipment. When tourists or immigrants need medical assistance, their medical advisor will benefit from reading translations of any relevant medical records so they can provide appropriate treatment. These records could include the patient’s test results, medical history, hospital in-patient and out-patient assessments, referrals and any diagnoses.

Medical translators are also expected to translate medical articles, publications and other specialized literature, in order to share knowledge.

Medical translations: translated fields

Medical translations: qualifications required

Translating medical texts requires specialized knowledge in the medical field. We will only employ translators who have medical education and relevant experience working in the field, so they have an in-depth understanding of the context. Translators need extensive experience in order to convey the essence of the text while maintaining the original accuracy and style. Most medical translators are qualified doctors who are also fluent in a foreign language. They need this medical background in order to be fluent in the complex medical terminology in both languages. Translators also need to understand all the medical abbreviations that are based on Latin phrases in order to maintain the context of the content. For example, the translator should understand the specific theme when translating a scientific article on a relevant medical issue, which requires full comprehension of the content.

Translators of medical texts must also manage the challenge of translating hand-written content, as well as printed text. Individual medical documents, medical records and test results are often hand-written by a physician, and without extensive knowledge of the subject, translators could easily make significant mistakes. Our translators are also highly conscientious about communicating with clients, to clarify any wording that is difficult to decipher.

Medical translations are often made orally as well as in written form. Oral translations could be transcribed directly – when the interpreter meets the customer – or through other means of communication, such as by telephone, or via Skype, etc.

The pricing of medical translations is based on the complexity and length of the documentation, with handwritten text being priced higher than printed text because of the added challenge of handwriting. The fee will also be calculated according to the level of participation from the client, as active participation in confirming the wording and the message can simplify the project.

As part of our commitment to providing quality service, we ensure that all medical translations are edited and proofread by a qualified editor. For larger projects, we delegate a group of translators and editors to work on the translation together, guaranteeing an efficient and accurate result.

A translator would usually manage 8-pages of text within one working day. While we do offer the option of urgent turnaround for other types of translation, this is not recommended for medical translations as the content is so complex and accuracy is essential. Medical translations require very thorough and extensive work, so rushing this type of job is not advisable. When urgent medical translations are required, additional costs may apply.

Our medical translation prices

At Kings of Translation, we strive to offer the utmost quality and value. Our fees for specialist medical translation are extremely competitive, and we have a range of flexible payment plans for your convenience. Looking for a quote for your next project? Contact us today via phone or email and we can get started.

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