Scientific Translation Services

Our team of expert translators deliver flawless scientific translations available in a range of 120 languages, with a guaranteed fast response.

Scientific translations include translations of scientific articles or research papers, scientific theories, dissertations or bachelor’s and master’s theses among others. Scientific material is particularly complex and must be translated by someone with excellent language skills and a broad scientific knowledge, to maintain accuracy and context. These two elements are essential for ensuring the integrity of the scientific material. We know the importance of making sure scientific translations are prepared accurately, so we have a team of expert scientific translation specialists. We guarantee the highest standard of interpretation and translation.

Scientific translations: when might they be needed?

Translation is required for international science projects, in order to compare similar research among foreign scientists in the interests of transparency, accuracy and full disclosure between participants.

People who have a deep interest in a particular scientific field also benefit from scientific translations so they can extend their research. For example, if someone is diagnosed with a rare disease, they might need to refer to foreign research papers or scientific articles to learn more about the illness.

Scientific translations: how do we ensure the quality of a translation?

When working on scientific texts, the translator must precisely convey the exact information in the original text. Accuracy is essential criteria for performing scientific translations, along with legal translations, medical translations and technical translations. We delegate scientific material, to our specialized scientific translators, who have the relevant academic education and professional experience to execute a thorough and comprehensive job. Our scientific translators also have exceptional linguistic skills in both the source language and target language, and can consult with colleagues to clarify facts if necessary. All texts that are translated into Lithuanian are edited and proofread by a native Lithuanian writer so that the final text is flawless, in terms of both content and language.

Our scientific translation pricing

At Kings of Translation, we are committed to providing exceptional service combined with unrivalled value. Our tailored scientific translation fees are highly competitive and affordable, with the bonus of fast turnaround on delivery times. Contact us today if you would like to discuss your next translation project.

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