Government Translation Services

When you need to arrange translations of official or governmental documents, you can count on our dynamic team of industry experts to deliver effective and professional translations, with a range of 120 languages available.

If you are working for an official governing body or organization, chances are your resources are stretched to maximum capacity every day. Accuracy, thoroughness and accountability are essential to the smooth running of your organization.

Many official documents that require processing will be in a different language, and must be translated for clarity and transparency. There are risks to taking responsibility for translating the documents inhouse: the task can take up a great deal of time, which could be used more productively; inaccuracies or mistakes may slip into the translation, so the new document is invalid; the document often needs to be certified or approved for authenticity, which can also be a complicated process.   And all this must be done before you can start with the actual task which requires the translated documentation.

Kings of Translation can offer you a solution. Send these foreign documents – contracts,  certificates, software messaging, and website content – to our expert team of translators and we can provide seamless, accurate translation, with the option of certification when required. We will match the style and content so the translated document is an authentic reflection of the original.

Our international translation teams are situated all over the world, so we can offer round-the-clock service. This means you can request a quote at any time, if you need a project delivered urgently, we will return it the next day. Our competitive pricing and flexible payment plans guarantee that we can tailor to your needs or circumstances.

Why use us for your governmental translation needs?

Kings of Translation offers even more than long-standing governmental experience – we also provide the following benefits:

  • Professional, authentic translations with a range of 120 languages available.
  • Excellent round-the-clock client support almost every day of the year.
  • Competitive prices and a range of flexible payment options
  • Expert industry skills and linguistic knowledge
  • Prompt translation response times, with 24-hour turnaround for urgent cases when required.

Our governmental translation prices

At Kings of Translation, we guarantee quality and value. Our bespoke official and government translation fees are ultra-competitive with a range of flexible payment options yet we never compromise quality for convenience. Ready to get started? Contact us via phone or email so we can discuss your project.

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