Financial translation services

When you need trustworthy and professional translation of financial content, we have the experience and expertise to complete your project at the highest standard. With a portfolio of 120 languages, our translation team is available around the clock to meet the tightest deadline with guaranteed quality results.

Financial translation requires more than translation skills, it also needs industry expertise and complete accuracy, especially when the translation involves sensitive or intricate financial information. Our team can give you a professional and accurate result every time.

Established more than 20 years ago, Kings of Translation has established an in-house team of translators who have the versatility to work with in the government sector, the public sector, corporate sector and any other industry, providing impeccable financial translations in a range of 120 different languages.

When you bring your translation job to Kings of Translation, we will assign a financial expert to the assignment, so you can be confident that the document is being translated by someone who knows the intricacies of finance. While other translation companies focus solely on translation, we go a step further to ensure the integrity of the content.   

Whether you need a translation of a commercial offer or an annual report, we can contribute to the transparency and accuracy of your business information.

Why choose Kings of Translation for your financial translation needs?

Over the years, Kings of Translation has translated around 2,000,000 words of financial content. Our team consists of fiscal and language experts who can maintain the professionalism, confidential and accuracy of the original document, while ensuring the information is straightforward and easy to read.

Here are some of the other benefits of using Kings of Translation:

  • Financial translations available in 120 languages
  • With an international team, we can offer 24/7 client support
  • 24-hour turnaround available upon request
  • Competitive fees and flexible pricing plans
  • Niche support from financial translation experts

Increased demand for financial translation

As more and more large corporations expand into the international marketplace, financial translations have grown into one of the most in-demand translation services. With overseas branches and foreign investors, companies have a responsibility to provide consistent communication to all their stakeholders. Foreign banks and legal representatives also need the clarity of comprehensive information in their own language. Individuals may also need translation assistance with their banking, either to provide translations of their financial documents or to ask for information regarding their bank account, loan or investment information.

What kind of financial translations do we perform?

When you do business in foreign countries, there are many financial documents that need to be translated so that each party involved in the transaction has clear access to all the relevant information.

Following are examples of documents requiring translation when the different parties speak different languages:

Financial translations: other particular features

Your financial translator fulfils an important responsibility, by ensuring that all documentation maintains the distinctive style of financial material and accurate professional use of financial terms.  This authentic industry voice will reinforce the confidence of stakeholders, and give an overall impression of reliability and transparency.

The key to financial translation is to be meticulous and precise so stakeholders have access to correct information, and the presentation meets the legal requirements of financial documentation.

A professional financial translation would ideally be completed by someone who has a strong background in finance or economics, and who is familiar with the type of documentation required for translation. A translator with a financial background will also have the specialized knowledge needed to interpret the material correctly, guaranteeing the quality and integrity of the information and the terminology. The complexity of financial terminology is comparable to medical or legal material. It can often be difficult to translate a specific term into a foreign phrase that matches the original meaning, but a translator with experience in the financial industry and proficiency in both languages will be able to find an authentic match.

Financial translators have to overcome many interpretive problems. For example, it is often difficult to find the equivalent of a given term in a foreign language. However, highly skilled professionals can successfully deal with this dilemma by finding the best and most accurate option. In general, the translation of financial texts, due to their complexity, is not dissimilar to translations of legal, or medical documents. Any inaccuracy or omission could distort the meaning of the entire document.

Our financial translation prices

At Kings of Translation, we are committed to combining high quality translations with competitive prices and a range of flexible payment options for your convenience. Contact us today if you would like to know more about our service or prices, or if you would like a quote.

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