Certification & Legalization Translation Services You Can Trust

Official documents have a special significance and authority, so it is important that any translations are authenticated and completely accurate. We offer a professional certification and legalization service that includes apostille and notarization. Our experts are committed to maintaining the accuracy and authenticity of each official document.

Why try Kings of Translation? Our extensive network of professional certification linguists can translate your documents into more than 120 different languages. our delivery times are quick—and our prices are among the best in the business.

Certification & legalization translation explained…

So why do official documents need to be notarized or apostilled? Every industry and every document type have different requirements for certification or legalization. When a document is translated, it needs the same level of certification as the original If you need a translation of a certain official document, and you are not sure whether it needs to be notarized, we can help you by completing the translation and arranging all the relevant notarization.

Note: It’s not possible to notarize or apostille all official documents, but it is possible to certify every form of official document.

Contact us if you are not sure or if you need or need guidance throughout the process, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Our certification & legalization service is as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Translation time

Once you’ve outlined your requirements and approved our quote, we’ll deliver a slick, professional language translation.

2. Making it official

When you’re happy with the translation, we will help you decide which form of confirmation or certification you will require.

3. Sealing the deal

The final step is to conduct the legalization or confirmation so the new document complies with stringent industry standards.

Our certification & legalization prices…

At Kings of Translation, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional certification & legalization services at affordable prices. We offer affordable rates, along with payment options that won’t impact your budget. For a streamlined comprehensive service, contact Kings of Translation so we can arrange your translations and any notarization.

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