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Looking to expand your audience on a global level? Kings of Translation can help on every platform –website and software, mobile app messaging, advertising copy, and beyond. Our experience and expertise in over 120 languages will help you build a wider audience for your business.

Why choose Kings of Translation? Our dedicated and cohesive team of language localization experts work around the clock to provide professional translations in 120 languages. Our localization skills are second to none and we provide some of the most efficient turnaround times in the business, along with extremely competitive prices.

What do we localize?

Website localization

Your website is your office space and your showroom, promoting your image, branding and success. In the digital age, you can welcome anyone in the world into your work space, and we can help you tailor your content onto an international level so you can expand your workplace onto a global platform.  We can flawlessly translate your website and provide a natural transposition of your content, while optimizing its look and layout for optimum success in different international markets—we’ll even upload it for you! Our website localization service will streamline the localization process, so you can gain an edge over your competition by presenting an authentic professional website to a range of overseas markets.

Software Localization

Software localization is a specialized task and our experienced professional team will invariably choose the best target translation of every available variant. We offer a comprehensive package service, managing the testing, descriptions, instructions, and the localization of all documents related to the software. You can be confident that the localized version of your software content has the same professional edge as the original.

App localization

If you’ve developed a mobile application, we can help you launch this around the globe, by translating it into a variety of languages for users anywhere in the world. Our team of mobile localization experts can translate every element of your application into up to 120 languages with impeccable accuracy and a natural fluent tone.

Advertising Localization

Want to reach more potential customers through your advertising copy? Imagine how many customers you could reach if your advertising was available in more languages!  Kings of Translation can create a stylish and catchy foreign version of your original advertising copy, so the clever wordplay and eye-catching message still resonates, even in another language.  Our comprehensive and cost-effective package covers the translation and localization of a wide range of advertising materials, including banners, flyers, posters, and pamphlets. We even handle layout, design, and translation, saving you time and money as well as a fast track to your new customer base.

Publication Localization

Widen your readership by translating your prose, articles and communications into a range of different languages. We offer a comprehensive translations service for books, magazines, catalogues and any other publication. Our translation specialists work alongside our design and layout team to ensure your publication resonates with a fresh new target audience.

Video Localization

Want to revive your video content for a brand-new global audience without re-filming it? We can translate the spoken text in video content such as movies, clips and commercials into the language of your choice, through a comprehensive service that includes subtitling and voice-over. We guarantee a professional and streamlined result, ensuring that the language and the text are fluent and perfectly synchronized.

Audio Localization

In audio-based materials, language is important but so is the style and nature of the speech, along with the overall message.  Our localization team can adapt any kind of audio content from a radio advertisement or a song to a recording of a conference or lecture, delivering a precise translation that resonates with your target audience.

Localization of Background Applications and Games

Help your application users follow the rules, by providing the option of accessing important information in a range of languages. Our specialist translation team will work alongside smartphone and app creators to provide seamless, dynamic IOS, Android, and HTML translations in over 60 languages. We can even translate your Google Play or Apple Store descriptions to help you present your amazing creations to a wider audience.

Linguistic Testing

Our cutting-edge linguistic testing service is designed to check the localized versions of certain programs and applications to identify and correct any flaws in the content. This comprehensive service includes correcting encoding errors or problems with display, style, context, among other critical language-based elements. Even when you are dealing with an unreliable service provider, you can benefit from the best comprehensive localization quality.

SEO Localization

Good SEO (search engine optimization) is the key to performing well on Google, while ensuring your website functions seamlessly. Once your content is translated, our team will also incorporate SEO localization to ensure your website is optimally adapted to the target language and its corresponding culture. Our translation specialists will update and refine keywords and relevant search phrases to guarantee maximum visibility in organic search results, raising awareness among your target audience in the new location.

What languages do we localize?

Here you can find out if we’re able to offer the translations you need.

Localization services that reap results

Our language localization services are based on the concept of language as a versatile entity, making communication through translation into an expressive art form than a technical exercise. Our goal is to match the message and “voice” as well as providing a technically accurate translation. We strive for the highest possible quality when adapting text to a specific linguistic or cultural environment. Whether it’s translating advertising copy, literary prose or website, app and landing page content, the correct context is essential. Our experienced team of translation specialists go beyond a literal translation to accurately reflect the essence and tone of the message in a way that will resonate with new audiences.

Our three-step localization process

Phase one: Preparation

As the first step, we summarize all of your specific localization needs to confirm all your requirements.  Next, we assign your project to members of our team whose expertise is suited for the requirements of your project.

Phase two: Action stations

Our niche team of experts will work tirelessly around the clock, following the plan and meeting the brief, while exercising their extensive localization experience and cutting-edge machine learning tools to ensure every word, term or phrase is optimized for success.

Phase three: Delivery & Support

Upon completion, we deliver the project in a presentable format and remain on-hand to make any tweaks or adjustments if required. Once the project is done, we are available to provide any customer support or answer any questions, as required.

What is language localization?

Language localization is the process of adapting a piece of messaging to a specific nation or region. Localization is a pivotal and comprehensive task, covering every communication channel or touchpoint from print to websites to mobile apps, and beyond, to provide an accurate and comprehensive transposition of language. The original message must be accurately conveyed while adjusted to suit the cultural tone of the target area. Language localization is essential if you wish to connect with a wider audience and expand into new global markets.

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The key benefits of language localization

Boost reach and enhance the user experience


Every user prefers to read communication in their native tongue, so localization expands your engagement to a wider, more receptive international audience, enabling you to make a highly professional first impression.

Reduce risk and boost credibility


When you provide quality multilingual content that reads naturally and resonates with the reader, you boost your brand awareness and credibility while reducing any risk of misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

Grow your global sales


Localization initiatives have exceptional return on investment, as you connect with countless new clients or customers, boosting your bottom line, exponentially.

Global trends in web consumption

While approximately four billion people actively use the internet every single day, only 25% of users speak English as a first language.

Research indicates that 85% of internet users will only purchase a product when they can read the related content in their native tongue; 56% of users say that localized product information is more important than price.

When you localize your business products, services or content, you gain valuable ground in the international marketplace. We can help you access these sectors of the market!

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Explore our unique approach to language translation

At Kings of Translation, our language services are custom-made for today’s world. Learn more about our unique strategies and language translation values here:

Our translation management system (TMS)

Our TMS applies your specific project parameters and automates large phases of the translation process with speed and accuracy. Our TMS will give you the tools to track the progress of your translations from one user-friendly dashboard, keeping you informed and in control at all times.

Our authentic translation services

Rather than relying on instant artificially generated translations, all our translations have the authentic human touch.  With over 3,000 language translation experts in our ever-expanding international network, our global reach and expertise are unrivalled in the industry. Whatever your industry, niche or specific requirements, we have the right translation expert for you.

Our translation API

If you want to take charge of your business’s localization efforts but you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Simply connect our specialist API to your app and send localization translation orders with the swipe of a screen or the click of a button. The best option for business’s localizing vast volumes of content into a multitude of languages.

Our project management services

Our team of translators have a collective knowledge of over 120 different languages, so we can deliver a wealth of cutting-edge translation services in whatever language you need. If you want to expand the global reach of your business, you can harness our tools and expertise to present your written content to potential stakeholders all around the world.

Our extensive network of experienced translators can handle an infinite range of translation combinations and complex linguistic tasks—so you can be confident that your project is in expert hands.

Our localization service pricing...

We are committed to providing valuable services to all our clients and customers, along with the exciting investment potential of expanding your business to a global reach. We pride ourselves on competitive frees along with flexible payment plans and tailored quotes to ensure all our clients receive affordable services and value for money.

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