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Whatever your language interpretation requirements, our experienced team of linguistic experts can provide professional assistance.

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On-Demand Services

Elevate your services by accessing Kings of Translation's Certified Linguists instantly, available 24/7.

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Sign Language

Promote inclusivity and understanding with Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities, while satisfying regulatory obligations.

In-Person Services In-Person Services

In-Person Services

Attain complete comprehension with prearranged onsite translation services.

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Deliver top-tier care with immediate access to phone and video linguists from your current platforms and EHR Systems.

Why is Kings of Translation the best choice?

Language interpretation is a highly specialized skill, and it is essential to maintain the highest quality of accuracy and professionalism.  Our team of highly-skilled interpretation specialists offer bespoke interpretation services in 120 different languages, tailored to your specific requirements. Our unrivalled quality and attention to detail is available at highly competitive prices. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

Explore our language interpretation services

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the world’s most challenging and essential forms of live translation.

Designed to reduce translation time and keep the audience engaged, simultaneous interpretation is used to interpret personal conversation, a board meeting or a speech in real time.

As one of the most challenging forms of live translation, simultaneous interpretation can only be performed by an interpreter with a range of specialized skills so they can keep the presentation flowing, maintain a connection with the audience, and deliver an authentic and accurate translation of the original speech.

Our team of simultaneous interpreters can offer fluent and accurate real-time translations in over 120 languages, and in a number of scenarios.

With over 15 years of experience, we are committed to delivering a service that meets all your needs and maintains the professionalism and integrity of your message.

Contact us for your next meeting, conference or gathering if you need a simultaneous translation service – we can help you.

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Consecutive interpretation

While consecutive interpretation also requires specialist real-time linguistics and the ability to accurately translate speech or text in a natural tone, it is more challenging than simultaneous interpretation.  The translator must consistently transpose large sections of speech each time the original speaker pauses. This requires skill, confidence, diligence, thorough linguistic knowledge of both languages, and a strong understanding of the topic in question.

Not everyone can achieve this, but our dedicated team of consecutive interpretation specialists are capable of providing the most professional and flawless real-time translations in over 120 languages.

Whether it’s a keynote talk, a board meeting, a conference, a wedding speech, or any other presentation, we can help you.

We are committed to delivering a translation service tailored to all your interpretation needs, down to the last detail. Focus on the original speech and we will do the rest!

Contact us today, so we can discuss your requirements.

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Conference Interpretation

If you’re hosting a conference and you are unfamiliar with the main language of the audience, we can provide a bespoke translation service to suit all your needs.

Our experienced language specialists will be able to deliver translations that are natural, engaging, and maintain the importance of your message, regardless of your industry, the size of your conference or your audience’s preferred language.

Conferences provide the opportunity to communicate and interact by sharing insights, exchanging stories, promoting your business, and connecting with a wider audience. Our conference translation service can meet all these requirements by eliminating the language barrier, and we will work with you to ensure that you achieve or even exceed your goals.

No task is too large or too small. Contact us today, and will help you manage your language needs.

Court Interpreting

When it comes to legal and judicial matters, accuracy and thoroughness are essential. There are no compromises in the courtroom, and one small mistake could prove catastrophic.

During a courtroom session, all the relevant information should be available to everyone present, in a clear, accurate, and digestible format. Our specialist courtroom interpretation service is second to none and ensures that every participant has a clear voice and an opportunity to speak throughout the proceedings.

Our team of expert legal interpreters have years of courtroom experience so they can provide translations with complete accuracy in over 120 languages.

Whether you need us for a one-time assignment or for long-term services, we can help you streamline the linguistic aspect of proceedings to ensure the course of justice runs smoothly.

Contact us today, and we can discuss your requirements.

Police interpreting

When it comes to police matters, timeliness and efficiency are essential. Whether you need to communicate with someone in custody or talk through a complex police matter with a colleague from overseas, we provide a specialist police interpretation service that will ensure you gather every single shred of information you need.

Our cohesive team of translation specialists have years of police and legal translation experience and can offer accurate real-time interpretations in over 120 different languages.

We provide police interpretation services that cover every scenario imaginable, and our translations are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, so you can be confident that you are fully informed and can effectively present your perspective at every point of proceedings.

Contact us today to discuss your police interpreting requirements.

Video Interpretation

In today’s digital age, video tools give us the freedom to expand our circle of communication to anywhere in the world, at any time.

If you are a business owner, a professional or a creative seeking new audiences, contact us to discuss how an interpretation service can help you expand your communication and strengthen your business.

Whether you need accurate real-time interpretation during a virtual meeting or you want access to information from a pre-recorded video translation, or you want to interact with international colleague, partner or client, our team of experts can help.

We can provide video interpretations in 120 different languages, tailored to your needs.  As our services are available around the clock, our delivery times are among the best in the industry.

Contact us today so we can discuss your communication and interpretation needs.

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Language is our most important form of communication. In business, you can expand your company reach by expanding your communication channels, giving you access to clients, customers or partners from different regions and countries. With an experienced interpreter on-hand, there are no geographical or linguistic limits to your business reach.

With a professional interpretation service, you can share your message in a way that is personal and professional without language being an obstacle.

Kings of Translation has a multitude of specialist translation solutions to help you lift the language barrier, benefiting your personal or professional progress.

Here are the core interpretation services that we offer:

  • Simultaneous or conversational interpretation.
  • Consecutive interpretation.
  • Professional conference interpretation.
  • Court and police interpretation.
  • NHS-based interpretation.
  • Video or video conferencing interpretation.

Our team of over 3000 linguistic specialists provide a wealth of invaluable interpretation solutions for the modern age, delivering world-class interpretations in over 120 languages, and we tailor our efforts according to your specific needs and requirements.

As a translation specialist provider with a long-standing reputation for excellence, our real-time interpretation services are professional, personable, and will preserve the importance of your messaging in every situation, and in any language.

So, if you need an interpretation service, either online or in-person, please contact us today so we can discuss your requirements.

Our priorities as interpreters:

  • Competence of interpreter to manage the assignment;
  • Professionalism;
  • Experience;
  • Thorough preparation;
  • Responsibility.


An interpreter’s main task is to help a customer overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, through professional interpreting services combined with comprehensive project management. Our project managers enhance the professionalism of our interpreters by ensuring all your interactions with your foreign guests or colleagues go smoothly and are mutually beneficial. We provide various interpreting services – consecutive, simultaneous, and “whispering in the ear” interpreting. Our interpreters are experienced at working in a wide range of settings, from regular business meetings, to major public events (for example, international conferences).

What is the difference between simultaneous, “whispering” and consecutive interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting is a form of interpretation where the speaker continues speaking while an interpreter translates the words of a speaker within a few seconds. These interpreters require specialized equipment, and an interpreting booth, which can be rented if the venue in question does not supply them.  We can assist with the rental of this equipment. Everyone listens to the speech at the same time, and those who wish to hear the interpreter’s version wear headsets.

“Whispering” is used in cases when interpretation is needed for a small number of listeners – here, an interpreter sits next to the participants and translates what a speaker is saying by whispering to them. This method of interpretation does not require any equipment or additional tools: one interpreter can translate to a maximum of three listeners.

Consecutive interpreting, is where the speaker pauses intermittently so the interpreter can translate the last block of speech, then the speaker continues. The interpreter stands or sits beside a speaker, listens to what he or she says, and writes down specific comments or essential issues before providing the translated version.

This method of interpretation is used in cases where there are no time constraints, as it takes twice as long as other methods because the presentation is essentially given twice.

Kings of Translation provide all interpretation-related services

The interpreters from “Kings of Translation” are available to interpret for you, anywhere in the world. If required, our interpreters can accompany you on business trips so you have a consistent stream of communication.

Our language interpretation prices

At Kings of Translation, we are committed to providing our clients with the perfect balance of quality and value. Our prices are among the most competitive in the business, and we offer flexible payment plans for your convenience. Contact us today to learn more about our professional language interpretation prices — we look forward to discussing your requirements.

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