Memory Bank for Translations (MBT)

Leverage the advantages provided by the Memory Bank for Translations (MBT). This valuable tool automatically searches for previously translated words, phrases, or text segments and reuses them. By utilizing the MBT, you save time, reduce translation costs, and ensure consistency and higher quality in translations.

Robust instrument

Our team developed this solution, drawing upon more than a decade of accumulated experience. The Memory Bank for Translations (MBT) is one of the core features of the KOT CLOUD platform. While working with the KOT EDITOR text editing tool, translators receive notifications when matches from previous projects are found. A partial match is enough to initiate a search, allowing the translator to view the search results, which further enhances the value this robust instrument provides to clients


Expedited turnaround times and lower expenses

With the help of the Translation Memory Bank, incorporating earlier translated words, sentences, or portions of text becomes a seamless process.

Uniform translation

Guarantees the application of terminology and expressions, even when various translators collaborate on the same document.

Enduring worth

The Memory Bank for Translations is yours to own; feel free to download and utilize it according to your requirements.

As the number of orders increases, costs decrease

With the Translation Memory Bank (TMB) at your disposal, there’s no need to scour archived translations for examples to minimize errors in fresh translations. Every client order contributes to the translation memory, and employing terms, expressions, or text portions diminishes the expense of new translations. More orders equate to an expanded translation memory, resulting in lower translation fees. Optimize time and reduce translation expenses while guaranteeing uniformity and precision by taking advantage of the Translation Memory Bank (TMB).

Diverse translation memory options

Our platform enables you to maintain a variety of distinct translation memories. Organize them according to projects, brand names, organizations, or even specific clients. In addition, earlier executed translations can generally be added to the translation memory.

Possess an existing translation memory? Seamlessly integrate it into our platform with a simple few button presses.

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Translation Management System (TMS):

Customized to meet clients’ requirements and the unique aspects of a project, the TMS streamlines the translation process at multiple phases. Our TMS solution empowers clients to track translation development, oversee, manage, and actively participate in the process to attain optimal outcomes.

Our experts

Our team consists of a network of more than 3,000 highly qualified linguists and language specialists, which continues to expand. As a result, we have the ability to dedicate specialists to each project according to its needs and specificities. This also enables us to ensure competitive prices.

24/7 work principle

Operating without breaks, we offer the most prompt services in the market. We execute many projects within 24 hours while maintaining the highest service quality. We work swiftly, accurately, and are always prepared to assist our clients whenever they need us.

120 languages

We offer translations in more than 120 languages, making our translation agency the right choice if you want to expand your possibilities in the international market. Our network of specialists spans the globe, enabling us to provide our clients with a wide range of professional translation services.

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