Translation Management

Our smart Translation Management System (TMS) automates various stages of the translation process. Developed by our team, this TMS tool enables clients to monitor the progress of translations, control the process, and engage when necessary, ensuring the best translation quality. The TMS customizes automation at different stages, tailored to client needs and project specifics.

Expanding your business or planning to enter foreign markets? Want to shorten the time for ordering translation services? With our TMS, you can order translation services up to 10 times faster!

Crafted from Years of Translation Project Management Experience

We developed the KOT CLOUD translation management system based on our accumulated experience, successful project management, and guiding principles. Ordering translation services has never been so easy!

Discover the advantages of the most advanced translation management system in the United States.

TMS System Features:

Discover the uniqueness of our translation agency

Kings of Translation – an innovative international translation office offering all translation services from a single source. Learn more about our applied methods and added value.

Translation Project Management System (TMS)

Tailored to meet client needs and project specifics, our TMS can automate various stages of the translation process. It allows clients to monitor progress, oversee, control, and engage in the process for optimal results.

Our Specialists

Our team consists of a network of over 3000 highly qualified translators and language experts, continuously expanding. This enables us to dedicate specialists for each project based on need and specificity, ensuring competitive pricing.

24/7 Working Principle

Our round-the-clock operation allows us to offer the fastest services in the market. Many projects are completed within 24 hours while maintaining the highest quality of service. We work swiftly, accurately, and are always ready to assist our clients whenever needed.

120 Languages

Offering translations in more than 120 languages, our translation agency is the right choice for expanding your global market reach. Our network of specialists spans the globe, providing a wide range of professional translation services to our clients.

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