General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the foundation of Europe’s digital privacy regulation. It sets the standard for data protection reform across the European Union, and its goals are to streamline the regulatory environment for businesses while giving EU citizens more control over their personal data. Businesses must maintain GDPR compliance by gathering personal data legally and under strict conditions, protecting it from misuse and organizations. Businesses that do not comply with these regulations will face penalties.



Our Compliance Strategy

At Kings of Translation, we have always managed our data vigilantly, protecting the privacy of our customers, vendors, translators and associates all around the world. We are completely transparent about our use of the information we collect, how long we retain the data and your rights in relation to our use of your information.


Our established data protection strategies were designed to protect our customers and other stakeholders, and we have thoroughly reviewed how our strategies comply with new laws, and how we can improve our customer services. We are committed meeting the standards of GDPR compliance, by upgrading our strategies when required, so we can continue to protect your data privacy.


We are currently contacting our customers and stakeholders to explain how they can control the usage of the personal data provided to us.



How We Achieved GDPR Compliance

Checking our data sources

One element of GDPR compliance is to establish that we know exactly what personal data is stored with us, where it is stored, and why we need it. We reviewed all personal data stored by Kings of Translation by accessing all our data sources through traditional data warehouses, structured and unstructured data, data at rest and data in motion.

Inspecting all data resources

In order to establish what personal data can be found, we went through a process of extracting, categorizing, and cataloguing personal data elements such as first and last names, company names and email addresses.

Sharing our privacy rules

Another important element of data privacy is establishing strict governance to ensure personal data can only be accessed by those with rights to see it, in relation to the nature of the personal data, the context of usage, and the rights associated with user groups.

Establishing data protection techniques

We have a range of different techniques to protect data, based on the user’s rights and the context of usage. Data is protected through either encryption, pseudonymization or anonymization.

Collecting information

From your first interaction with Kings of Translation, LTD, we are collecting the data we need to provide you with the best service, whether you have requested a quote, sent us a document for translation, or subscribed to our newsletter. We either store this information or include it in databased owned and maintained by us.


The data we collect from clients and vendors includes but is not limited to: user names, email addresses, messages, images and transient VOIP data (to enable communication delivery). We also retain any content sent by clients via the chat features, and with vendors we keep data about qualifications, experience levels and specialisms.


Whenever anyone interacts through our services, we receive and store information such as the IP address, device ID. This information can be pooled with other information to track data such as the number of visitors to our websites.


We do not sell your information to third parties under any circumstances.


Your rights

As a data subject, you have the following rights under Data Protection Legislation, and we, as Data Controller in respect to Your Data, will comply with such rights in respect of Your Data:


  • Your right of access to personal data relating to you
  • The right to request that we stop sending direct marketing material to you
  • The right to amend or update your Personal Data
  • Rights in relation to automated decision making
  • The right to prevent or restrict the processing of your Personal Data
  • The right to have your Personal Data ported to another data controller
  • The right to erasure of data
  • The right to complain to the appropriate Digital Preservation Coalition or agency in relation to the country or region of your business transaction, if you believe we have not handled your Personal Data in accordance with Data Protection Legislation.

We will respond to any queries or complaints promptly and we aim to resolve the issue within one month of your notification. However, particularly complex issues could take up to six months to resolve. If this is the case, we will inform you within the first month that it will take us longer than one month to resolve the issue.


When a response is required within a certain time period, in accordance with Data Protection Legislation, we will provide a response within that time period.


Data Submission, Storage, User Uploads and Services 

If you wish to withdraw your consent to our processing of your data, in relation to any matter that requires your consent as stipulated in this Privacy Policy, you may submit a written request for Kings of Translation, LTD to cease processing, by sending an email to info@


However, if you withdraw your consent to processing in respect to the use of cookies, we may be unable to provide all/part of our services to you.


In the case of User Uploaded Data, you must submit your withdrawal of consent to the data controller, who will then instruct Kings of Translation LTD to comply with the request in relation to the processing of the User Uploaded Data. However, this process may impact our ability to provide the Service.


Kings of Translation, LTD will not share Your Data beyond the parameters outlined in this Privacy Policy, without your consent, except when required by law.


Withdrawal of Consent

As part of our commitment to providing the best Services to our clients, Kings of Translation, LTD may gather and store statistical information, including information that does not identify individual clients.


Should Kings of Translation, LTD become involved in a merger, acquisition or the sale of any or all of our assets, we will inform clients before transferring Data to a third party whether it is Data that identifies you individually, or Data that does not identify individuals.


As a Data Processor in respect of User Uploaded Data, Kings of Translation, LTD will only process such User Uploaded Data in accordance with the Terms of Service or Service Agreement established between Kings of Translation LTD and the relevant Data Controller, and in accordance with the Data Controller’s instructions.


We may share certain pieces of aggregated data with third parties such as the number of sites and devices accessed with using Kings of Translation, LTD. This Data does not identify you individually. Access to your personal information is restricted to employees, vendors and associates who require the information in order to provide the best service for client requirements. These individuals are legally bound to maintain and protect your confidentiality, and may be subject to serious consequences, such as termination, civil litigation or criminal prosecution if they fail to comply with the confidentiality obligations.


For the purposes of providing our Services, we may store your data at a location outside the European Economic Area (EEA), and it may be transferred to or accessed from a location outside the EEA. In this case, the data may also be processed by staff working on our behalf outside the EEA, another corporate entity within our group, or any of our suppliers. Our contracts with all transferees of such Data act as safeguards to protect the security of your information. We store all your information in secure servers, either owned by us or by a contracted third party. By submitting your Data, you explicitly consent to this procedure of transfer, storage and processing. In cases where we provide you with a password to give you access to the Service, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential.


We only share information with sources and organizations who are also GDPR compliant. Information relating to you may include first name, last name and email address. If you wish to delete this information, we can contact the source on your behalf, at your written request.


Storage and Destruction of Completed Translations

We store the documents relating to your translation assignment – including source documents, supporting documents and completed translation – in our system for a maximum of 6 years from the booking of the translation assignment. At the completion of the storage period, all documents relating to your translation assignment will be securely and permanently deleted from our system.


Legal Information

Kings of Translation LTD respects the privacy and confidentiality of our customers and visitors, and any personal information you provide to us will be protected as per the Data Protection Act (1998). We have established this Privacy Policy as a guideline for our customers and other interested parties, so you can understand what information we collect and how that information is used.  


What information is collected by Kings of Translation LTD?

The type of information collected by Kings of Translation LTD includes but is not confined to:


  • Your name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Credit/ debit details (if relevant to payment)
  • Credit information of your business (if relevant to translation assignment and payment)

While credit/ debit card details will be collected, they will not be held on our database with other information. Instead the credit card information will be stored with Direct Payment Solutions (stripe.com) our third-party online secure payment processing provider.

If your translation assignment requires a deposit with balance to be billed upon completion, then your card will be charged for the balance once the translation is completed and prior to the files being released. You will be notified by email that the final payment has been processed.

You can request information about our services, download marketing and support materials, request a quote and discuss the assignment with an expert via the Kings of Translation LTD website. The types of information you provide to us online may include names, employer, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.


Certified Security

As part of our commitment to maintaining the security of your personal information, Kings of Translation LTD is certified to ISO17100 certification standards, the highest global quality standard for translation services. We employ industry-standard controls incorporating Internet firewalls and physical access controls, and we perform stringent tests and evaluations to maintain our compliance with certification compliance.



Archiving Completed Translations

Our protection of your documentation and privacy continues beyond the completion of the job. When a job is completed, we mark the status of the file to Completed.  After five years, the Completed Status is set to “Archived” Two years later, the file including all source documents, supporting documents and translated files are securely destroyed.



Kings of Translation uses “cookies” on its website. A cookie is an identifier, contains a portion of the information used to track the pages of websites you have visited. The information is sent from a website to your computer’s hard drive, via your browser. On subsequent visits to a website, the browser sends a message back to the web server. Kings of Translation uses this information to monitor navigation patterns, in order to streamline and improve your customer service, by identifying the most relevant information and the most popular services for customers.  The information is stored in a secure database in order to streamline and improve your customer service.  To refuse cookies, you must turn them off in your browser by changing the browser settings, although this may restrict you from certain features and functions of the websites.


For your convenience, the Kings of Translation websites may provide links to third-party websites, and if you click on these links, you will leave the Kings of Translation website. Kings of Translation does not endorse or make any representations about third party websites, and we do not control the privacy practices for these businesses. Any information you submit to these third-party websites is not covered by the Kings of Translation Privacy Policy.


Contact information

For more information about our current Privacy Policy and GDPR compliance, or if you have any concerns or complaints, please email us at  info@kingsoftranslation.com.


If you believe your privacy has not been respected, you can submit an official written complaint to by mail to Holden House 57 Rathbone Place London W1T1JU.