If you work in the manufacturing or engineering sector, and you are looking for cost-effective professional translations services, contact us today. Kings of Translation is a highly experienced top-rated language provider for industrial organisations.

When you work in an engineering or manufacturing business, you need to manage a great deal of paperwork and documentation – challenging enough when it is in your own language, but what about the task of translating this important information for your stakeholders who speak a range of different languages?  Accuracy and consistency are essential when you are translating technical documentation from one language to another.

At Kings of Translation, we have supported countless engineering and manufacturing firms over the last 20 years and our in-house language experts have the skills to transform your most important communications, contracts, and documents into 120 different languages.

Whether you need the translation of official documents, training materials, professional interpretation, or anything else for that matter, we’ve got you covered.

With a global team of translators, we can guarantee fast turnaround, including one-day turnaround if you let us know your project is urgent.

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Why use us for your manufacturing and engineering translation needs?

With a translation portfolio of around 2,000,000 words of industry text for our engineering and manufacturing clients, our team of industry specialists have the background and experience to manage your project with diligence and professionalism, delivering flawlessly accurate and consistent results.

But the benefits of using Kings of Translation don’t stop there:

  • Our professional industry-based translations are available in 120 languages.
  • Our global team provides 24/7 client support.
  • We offer competitive fees and flexible pricing plans for your convenience.
  • Our technology translation team combines niche technical experience with translation expertise.
  • We offer fast turnaround with the option of one-day translation delivery for urgent documentation upon request.

Technical translation

Technical translation is undoubtedly one of the most complex areas of interpretation, requiring industry experience to maintain context and accuracy, along with diligent attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of current industry terms in both languages.

Technical translation is a specialized field that can only be adequately carried out by translation professionals with a technical education, and first-hand knowledge of industry-specific terminology.

We know that the translator’s specialized experience and dedication to accuracy and authenticity reflects the quality of translation work. Our team of technical translators are all highly experienced with a thorough knowledge of the required languages and also the relevant technical insight to guarantee a professional result. Our translations are always perfectly tailored to the context of the document and seamlessly reflect the exact message of the original document.

What’s so special about technical translation?

Technical translation is a highly specialized skill.

Only a small percentage of professional translators have the skills and background to can carry out a technical translation.

Technical translations are distinguished by niche terminology, including abbreviations, as well as graphics, drawings and plans. Fluency in a second language is insufficient for the task of translating technical material, so it accurately reflects the original.

Hire a skilled professional specializing in technical translations when you need your technical documents converted into different languages. Here at Kings of Translation, we have the proven professionals who can meet your translation needs.

Technical translations: what kinds of translation do we perform?

Technical translations: when are they required?

There are many situations where a technical translation may be needed: building plans, accident reports, job quotes, instruction manuals, training material for students are just some examples of documents that require specialized technical translation.

In order to learn from a document or to apply the specialized knowledge correctly, the translation must be a comprehensive and accurate reflection of the original. Otherwise people will apply the information incorrectly, making the translation useless. Our translations maintain the key message and instructions as accurately as the original.

Our technical translation prices

At Kings of Translation, we take pride in delivering professional translations of the highest quality with a fast response time, at affordable and competitive prices. We also offer flexible payment options to make our services as accessible as possible. Interested? Contact us today so we can discuss your next technical translation project.

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