Localization of Galactic Civilizations IV for Stardock


Stardock, a renowned software development company, contacted Kings of Translation to improve the localization of their popular game Galactic Civilizations IV. The game had been previously translated into Chinese, but the quality was subpar. This necessitated a comprehensive review and enhancement of approximately 180,000 words. Stardock required the translations to be polished to high standards, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for their international audience.


Project Details:
  • Languages: EN-ZH
  • Lenght: 180,000 words
  • Duration: 1 month


  1. Enhancing Translation Quality by improving the existing Chinese translation to align with the game’s context and terminology.
  2. Ensuring Consistent Terminology through the utilization of existing translation memory and glossaries.
  3. Implementing an Efficient Workflow that accommodates ongoing updates to the game’s text.



The project presented several challenges, including managing and reviewing a large volume of text within a tight timeline, ensuring uniformity in terminology and style across various game files, and accommodating continuous updates and additions to the game’s text during the localization process.


Solutions and Approach

Initial Assessment and Proposal

After examining the XML files, we identified missing translations and inconsistencies. We proposed two options: editing the existing translation and a full-service localization, outlining the workflow and tools we would use.


Workflow Implementation

  1. Tool Selection: We chose to use our preferred CAT tools, MemoSource and KoT Editor, for the project. Additionally, we integrated Stardock’s custom translation tool and Trados settings to ensure compatibility with their existing resources.
  2. File Categorization: The files were categorized into high-priority (requiring the best quality localization) and lower-priority (suitable for AI translation review) groups.
  3. Collaborative Platform: A GitHub repository was set up to facilitate real-time updates and collaboration. Stardock provided access to their translation memory, terminologies, and glossaries via GitHub, ensuring consistency across the project.



  • Translation Review: Our team of native-speaking linguists reviewed the AI translations, correcting errors and ensuring cultural relevance.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous QA checks were implemented to maintain the highest standards, including consistency checks and format validation.
  • Continuous Updates: Updates were managed efficiently by integrating new strings into the translation workflow and using GitHub for seamless file synchronization.



The quality of the Chinese localization improved significantly, with linguists ensuring accurate and context-appropriate translations. Consistent terminology was maintained by utilizing Stardock’s existing translation memory and glossaries. The project was completed within the stipulated timeline, with continuous updates managed effectively.


Client Feedback

Brad Wardell, President & CEO of Stardock, expressed his satisfaction with the project.

Kings of Translation significantly improved the quality of our Chinese localization for Galactic Civilizations IV. Their efficient workflow, use of our existing tools and resources, and their ability to handle continuous updates seamlessly have made them an invaluable partner.



The successful localization of Galactic Civilizations IV highlights Kings of Translation’s expertise in managing large-scale, complex localization projects. Our ability to adapt to client-specific tools and requirements, coupled with our commitment to quality and efficiency, ensures that we deliver top-notch localization services that enhance the gaming experience for international audiences.

For more information about our localization services and how we can assist with your project, please visit www.kingsoftranslation.com or contact us at info@kingsoftranslation.com.

Technologies Utilized

  • MemoSource
  • KoT Editor
  • Trados
  • GitHub
  • Custom Translation Tool by Stardock
  • CAT Tools
  • OpenAI Technology
  • Microsoft Teams for Communication

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