Optimizing Translations with KotT Editor

Looking for constant translations in your business and aiming to save time? Discover KOT EDITOR – an AI-based tool within a leading CAT system for easy, efficient, and fast translation reviewing and commenting.

How does KOT EDITOR work?

This smart translation editing tool streamlines and simplifies the review and approval process. It acts as a convenient link between your company’s specialists and our translators or editors. With this tool, our translators and editors can collaborate with external specialists or your company’s employees to ensure the translation meets even the highest expectations and standards.

Translations approved by your specialists are automatically saved in a terminology database and translation memory. This means that in future projects, precise and approved terms or phrases can be reused without needing your review again.

KOT EDITOR provides information in real-time, allowing translators and editors to see the full context, ensuring the accuracy and correctness of translations. Moreover, a flexible quality assurance process allows setting a maximum permissible character count. Rest assured, the translation will fit any design or specified parameters.

Advantages of KOT EDITOR

Flexible Integration

KOT EDITOR can be integrated with any content management platforms or systems you use, regardless of their programming language. This makes KOT EDITOR a universal and easily accessible tool beneficial for everyone.

Consistency in Translations

The use of translation memory and approved terminology databases, along with checks performed by specialists, ensure the consistency and high quality of translations.

Quality Assurance Control

KOT EDITOR includes a quality assurance control system that helps eliminate errors in translations.

Artificial Intelligence and KOT EDITOR

KOT EDITOR is equipped with AI-based technology that enhances the quality and efficiency of neural machine translation (NMT). This integration of translation memory and terminology databases in your projects not only improves the quality and efficiency of neural translations, but also significantly reduces translation costs.

Collaborating with Translators? Harness the Benefits of KOT EDITOR!

Our developed KOT EDITOR tool eases the workload for translators and ensures accuracy and top-notch quality in translations. Shorten translation times, enhance quality, and reduce translation costs with KOT EDITOR!

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