Customer service is the key to our success

There are two important factors to a professional translation service: firstly, the translator must have the skills and experience to transcribe the message in an accurate and engaging style. Secondly, the customer and the translator must have strong communication based on mutual support. For a complex project or a translation with a short deadline, communication is even more vital to ensure the translation meets the customer’s expectations. When the customer is proactive, the translator will find it easier to provide the best quality translation.

What are the qualities of a proactive customer?

  • Fully engaged in achieving the best result
  • Provides a comprehensive document for translation
  • Give clear instructions about the key message and target audience for the document
  • Happy to answer questions and provide essential background information

Customer requirements are our priority

Our customers can have complete confidence in our commitment to protecting their interests through our translations. While some translation companies put all their energy into securing new customers rather than following up on their early promises, we are focused on cultivating a productive and supportive long-term relationship, based on excellent service and strong communication. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, so we can give you the best bespoke service.

Our promise to our customers

When you choose Kings of Translation for your translation requirements, you can be confident of the following guarantees:

  • Open communication, with honest and straightforward responses to all your questions.
  • Upfront quotes in advance, with no hidden costs at the end of the project.
  • Regular progress reports and adherence to deadlines.
  • Your choice of the most convenient communication channels for your needs.

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