Integrating expert translations within the utilized systems, instruments, and platforms for seamless communication.

Our innovative "KOTLinK" technology empowers organizations to effortlessly link their existing systems and platforms to our cutting-edge translation management system, "KoT Cloud." Experience simplicity and efficiency with just a few button presses.

Experience premium translations delivered straight to your preferred platforms and systems. Leave behind the cumbersome and outdated methods of extracting and uploading text. With “KOTLinK” technology, your content is submitted directly to the “KoT Cloud” translation management system, ensuring unparalleled translation quality for all your projects.

The integration works seamlessly with a variety of platforms:

Content Management Content Management

Content Management

WordPress, Drupal, Adobe, Oracle, Tridion, Canshare, Wix, among others.

E-commerce Solutions E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce Solutions

Shopify, WooCommerce, SAP Hybris, BigCommerce, Magento, and beyond.

Marketing Management Tools Marketing Management Tools

Marketing Management Tools

Oracle Compendium, Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Responsys, Marketo, etc.

Communication Platforms Communication Platforms

Communication Platforms

Bold360, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Salesforce Cloud, and more.

Specialized Systems Specialized Systems

Specialized Systems

InRiver, Relativity, AuthorIt, and beyond.

Digital Content Management Digital Content Management

Digital Content Management

iBrams Brand Management, Stibo Systems, and so on.

API Integration API Integration

API Integration

Compatibility with platforms or systems developed using any programming language.

Introducing "KOTLinK":

“KOTLinK” is a groundbreaking translation solution that seamlessly bridges the gap between your preferred content management platform and our state-of-the-art “KoT Cloud” translation management system.

With “KoTLink”, you can effortlessly submit translation, editing, native-speaker text reviews (to evaluate tolerance/political correctness), and localization requests directly within your go-to systems and platforms. Experience top-tier translation services with unmatched speed and simplicity.

The versatile “KOTLinK” technology enables seamless integration of our translation management system with any platform or system, transcending programming language barriers.

Why opt for "KoT Cloud" integration?

As translation specialists, we deliver cutting-edge business solutions around the clock, ensuring swift, precise, and naturally-flowing translations at competitive prices across 120+ languages.

“KoT Cloud” exclusively features skilled, seasoned, and meticulously-selected native experts from across the globe.

Our “KoT Cloud” professionals have access to premier translation tools, including translation memory, terminology databases, elimination of repetitive text, insights from fellow native language experts, and world-class dictionaries, guaranteeing translation quality of the highest standard.

With the platform, clients can create or import existing terminology databases, manage translation projects, add team members, monitor order statuses, and actively engage in the translation process.

Benefits of linking your platforms with "KoT Cloud":

Reduced administrative expenses.
  • Experience full automation: from project initiation to service reception, effortlessly create, submit, monitor, approve, review, download, and archive finalized translations.
  • Keep tabs on your project’s progress in a unified interface, eliminating the need to search through emails.
  • Efficiently translate all text within your content management system into 120 languages with a simple click of a button.
Streamlined review process for completed translations.
  • Effortlessly involve relevant parties in the review process with a few simple clicks.
  • Examine the comprehensive history of finalized changes and adjustments.
  • Stay engaged throughout the entire process: contribute comments, raise questions, and engage in discussions.
Enhanced translation quality.
  • Streamline the process of creating, approving, and sharing terminology databases.
  • Seamlessly import approved terms into a real-time database accessible to your entire project team.
  • Preserve your brand’s unique style in translations for every language.
  • Benefit from unparalleled accuracy, as “KoTLink” technology captures both text and context in translations.
Reduced translation expenses.
  • Avoid paying for duplicate text with the integrated translation memory feature of the “KoT Cloud” platform.
  • Maximize translation efficiency: as more text is translated, the translation memory grows, leading to decreased costs and faster turnaround times.

An extensive array of languages to choose from.

Check if we can perform the translation in the required language:

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